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Black Experts Team Up To Offer CHATGPT and Artificial Intelligence Workshop

chatgpt black men in tech

In a remarkable development for professionals and tech enthusiasts, Every.Black, LLC, a vanguard in advanced technology education, has announced a groundbreaking workshop on ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This initiative is a result of the collaboration between Dr. Jimmy J. Davies, the Founder of Every.Black, LLC and a seasoned computer instructor, and Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews, a respected AI researcher and author.

The “ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence Overview and Hands On Workshop” aims to provide a deep dive into the realms of AI and ChatGPT. Dr. Davies and Rev. Dr. Matthews, with their extensive knowledge and practical experience, will guide attendees through the intricacies of these technologies, focusing on their impact on research and business sectors.

Dr. Jimmy J. Davies’ Contributions:
Dr. Davies, with over three decades of experience in computer instruction, will present a comprehensive overview of ChatGPT and its potential. His session will cover critical aspects, including:

The essence of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence.
The role of OpenAI in advancing AI technologies.
Limitations and concerns associated with AI.
The global impact of AI on employment.
AI applications in research, business, graphics, and music.
An exploration of Deep Fakes.
Software applications integrating ChatGPT and AI.
Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews’ Interactive Sessions:
Rev. Dr. Matthews will lead hands-on exercises, enabling attendees to practically apply ChatGPT in various strategies. His session includes:

Training techniques for ChatGPT.
Insights into Large Language Models like GPT-3.
Understanding Natural Language Processing.
Distinguishing between search functionalities and AI.
Mastering effective prompting techniques.
The art of Prompt Chaining for coherent AI conversations.
An interactive Q&A session to demonstrate real-time use of ChatGPT in life and business.
The workshop is scheduled for Saturday, January 27, 2024, from 10am to 2pm EST. With limited seats available, participants are encouraged to register early at

About Every.Black, LLC:
Founded by Dr. Davies, Every.Black, LLC’s mission is to equip entrepreneurs with software application skills ( to enhance business efficiency, offering global marketing and networking opportunities.

About Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews:
A Research Scientist in Africana Phenomenology, Rev. Dr. Matthews is noted for his work on the Digital Divide, Black Trauma, and Black Mental Health. A trauma-informed Metaphysical Minister, his philosophy is centered on the idea that “Nothing is wrong with Black People; Something Happened to Black People!” He holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and Philosophy and is the Founding Minister of 1st Frequency of Oneness, Science, Manifestation, and Prosperity.

This comprehensive workshop represents a significant opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insights and skills in the rapidly evolving field of AI and ChatGPT, under the guidance of distinguished experts in the field.



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