When former NFL teammates Michael Griffin and Brian Orakpo decided to dip their toes into entrepreneurship, they knew they wanted to go about it differently.

The former Pro Bowlers saw the hands-off, detached approach some athletes take in their investments and recognized they needed to be more attentive about the steps they took to ensure success. Prior to being cupcake guys, Griffin and Orakpo played for the Tennessee Titans as safety and linebacker respectively. It was in Tennessee that the men ate and fell in love with Gigi’s cupcakes which was based in Nashville and was the largest cupcake franchise brand in the country.

After finishing in the league, Griffin opened a franchise of Gigi’s Cupcakes in Austin, alongside Orakpo and their longtime friend Bryan Hynson. The Cupcake Guys shows how our cast goes from Football stars to Cupcake Kings.Cast: Brian Orakpo Jr, Brianna Orakpo, Bitura Orakpo, Brea Orakpo, Shantel Griffin, Mya Griffin, Michael B. Griffin, Mikenzie Griffin, Bryan Hynson, Brian Orakpo, Michael Griffin


Genre: Reality Show, Baking Show, Docu-comedy


Executive Producers: Michael Strahan, Constance Schwartz-Morini, and FredAnthony Smith for SMAC Productions. Mike Ferry and Cathy Boxall for The Story Lab. Roy Bank also serves as executive producer.


Producer: The Story Lab and SMAC Productions, a division of SMAC Entertainment