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Los Angeles Black Chambers Unite for Empowerment Breakfast Mixer During Black History Month

Black History Month

In a heartening celebration of Black History Month, the local Los Angeles Black Chambers orchestrated an uplifting breakfast mixer on Friday, February 23, 2024, at the renowned Dulan’s On Crenshaw. This soulful Southern eatery, famous for its classic comfort food and homely ambiance, played host to a gathering that was both a commemoration and a call to action. Dubbed “Our Chambers United presents a #BlackHistoryMonth Breakfast Mixer,” the event saw the convergence of community leaders, business owners, and advocates, all united by a common goal: to champion the growth and prosperity of Black-owned businesses in Los Angeles.

The mixer, running from 8 AM to 11 AM, wasn’t just a networking event but a powerful platform for dialogue and collaboration. Sarah R. Harris, President of the Black Business Association (BBA) and a vanguard in the local business community, emphasized the importance of unity among the chambers. As the publisher of Suite Life SoCal, Harris has long been at the forefront of celebrating and nurturing the Black community’s cultural and economic contributions. Her message was clear: solidarity is the key to overcoming barriers and fostering an environment where Black businesses can thrive.

Angela Gibson Shaw, President of the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce (GLAAACC), shared insights into the chamber’s origins and mission. Founded in 1991 by a group of visionary business leaders, GLAAACC has been a steadfast advocate for Black entrepreneurs, working tirelessly to ensure their fair representation in local and international markets. Gibson Shaw’s recount of the chamber’s history was not only a tribute to its founders but also a reminder of the ongoing struggle for equity and inclusion in the business world.

JC Lacey, President and CEO of the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce, brought to the table a local perspective, highlighting the significance of community-based initiatives in driving economic development. His call to action was for local businesses and the community at large to leverage their collective strength to create more opportunities for Black entrepreneurs in the Crenshaw area and beyond.

The highlight of the event was the keynote speech by Karim Webb, an entrepreneurial activist renowned for his advocacy for economic empowerment within the Black community. His address, titled “Getting Our Fair Share,” was a compelling narrative on the importance of equitable opportunities and the need for systemic change to ensure that Black businesses are not just surviving but thriving. Webb’s message resonated deeply with the audience, serving as both inspiration and a blueprint for action.

The event was more than a gathering; it was a testament to the resilience, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of the Black community in Los Angeles. The discussions underscored the critical need for proactive support from the city and the broader business ecosystem to ensure that Black-owned businesses are not left behind in the quest for economic prosperity.

As the mixer concluded, the air was thick with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. The presidents of the various chambers, united in their vision, called upon the attendees and the city at large to commit to tangible actions that would support Black businesses. From policy advocacy to patronizing local Black-owned enterprises, the path forward was laid out with clarity and passion.

This event was not just a celebration of Black History Month but a clarion call for a future where Black businesses in Los Angeles are recognized, supported, and celebrated for their invaluable contributions to the city’s cultural and economic tapestry. The message from “Our Chambers United” was unequivocal: unity, collaboration, and proactive support are the pillars upon which a more inclusive and prosperous Los Angeles will be built.


Black History Month


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