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Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims: Love, Fame, and Family in ‘The Barnes Bunch’ Reality Series Premiere on WE tv

In a captivating blend of sports, fashion, and real-life drama, WE tv announces the premiere of its latest reality series, “The Barnes Bunch,” set to air on Friday, April 19 at 10pm ET. This heartwarming series offers an intimate look into the lives of former NBA star Matt Barnes and his fiancée, renowned model Anansa Sims, as they manage their bustling blended family, careers, and personal growth, with new episodes streaming on ALLBLK every Tuesday.

Key Highlights:

  • Premiere Details: Mark your calendars for the premiere on April 19, with subsequent episodes available on ALLBLK every Tuesday.
    Star-Studded Cast: The series stars Matt Barnes, an NBA champion and celebrated podcaster, and his fiancée Anansa Sims, a top model and reality TV personality.
  • Supporting Roles: The couple receives support from Anansa’s mother, Beverly Johnson, a supermodel and bestselling author, adding depth and wisdom to the family dynamics.
  • A Blended Family: With six children in their bustling household, Matt and Anansa face the joys and challenges of parenting in a blended family.
  • Engagement and Beyond: Fresh from their engagement, the series will delve into their plans and the unexpected twists their relationship faces.


In-Depth Look:

  • Navigating Complex Histories: The series kicks off with revealing moments in couples therapy, shedding light on Matt and Anansa’s efforts to reconcile past issues and build a strong future together.
  • Celebrating Milestones: Anansa joins her mother Beverly at a photoshoot celebrating the 50th anniversary of Beverly’s groundbreaking Vogue cover, highlighting the blend of family legacy and personal achievement.
  • Balancing Act: The couple juggles their careers, parenting, and personal lives, posing the question: Can they maintain their bond and sanity amidst the chaos?

    Behind the Scenes:

    Producers: The series boasts an impressive production team, including Jamie Foxx and Datari Turner of Foxxhole Productions, showcasing high production values and compelling storytelling.
    WE tv’s Commitment: Known for its engaging unscripted content, WE tv continues to offer inclusive, community-driven programming that sparks conversations and builds connections.


WE tv stands out with its array of unscripted shows that captivate viewers through genuine relationships and compelling personalities. Committed to inclusivity and engagement across all platforms, WE tv extends its reach through online, on-demand, and social media channels, fostering a community-driven viewing experience. As part of AMC Networks Inc., WE tv aligns with a family of networks dedicated to delivering diverse and dynamic content.

In “The Barnes Bunch,” viewers are invited to explore the intricate tapestry of love, fame, and family life as Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and shared dreams. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness their story unfold, embodying the essence of modern family dynamics in the spotlight.

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