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Kevin Harris: Empowering African Americans to Reclaim Lost Land Through Real Estate Crowdfunding


Kelvin Harris, a passionate financial consultant, real estate investor, and author, is on a mission to empower African Americans to reclaim lost land through the innovative avenue of real estate crowdfunding. With the Forbes Farmhouse crowdfunding offering, he envisions a transformative journey that not only restores historical heritage but also creates opportunities for financial empowerment and community revitalization. This groundbreaking initiative is poised to reshape the trajectory of African American communities across the nation.

Reversing Historical Disparities

Harris’s mission is rooted in the acknowledgment of the long-standing land ownership disparities faced by African Americans. Shockingly, an estimated 90% of the 14 million acres of land owned by Blacks in 1910 has either been seized or lost over the years. His vision is clear: to utilize crowdfunding as a powerful tool for reversing these historical injustices, allowing everyone to invest in their financial future, create generational wealth, and support projects that will rejuvenate neighborhoods.

Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Secure Path to Investment

Harris recognizes the potential of real estate crowdfunding as a secure investment avenue. This innovative approach to real estate investment operates under the regulatory oversight of bodies like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The rigorous scrutiny ensures the legitimacy and security of investment opportunities, offering investors confidence in their choices. Forbes Farmhouse is listed on platforms like, which are meticulously vetted and regulated, ensuring ethical standards are met.

Forbes Farmhouse: A Unique Opportunity

Forbes Farmhouse is more than just a real estate project; it’s an opportunity to be part of something transformative. This vacation rental and event venue residential property is strategically positioned to tap into the thriving vacation rental market while enriching the local community. Investors can expect a 12% annual return and an equity share in the project, offering both financial growth and a chance to contribute to community development.

Investor Highlights:

Passive Income: Forbes Farmhouse offers a passive income opportunity, allowing investors to benefit from real estate ownership without day-to-day management responsibilities.

Prime Location: Situated in Tallahassee, with Florida’s fastest-growing economy, Forbes Farmhouse is poised to capitalize on the luxury vacation rental market.

Diverse Revenue Streams: The property offers multiple revenue streams, including vacation rentals and event venue bookings, enhancing investment resilience and cash flow potential.

12% Annual Return: Investors can anticipate an attractive 12% annual return, surpassing many traditional investment options.

Equity Share: In addition to the annual return, investors receive an equity share in the project, ensuring that the investment appreciates with the property’s value.

Invitation to Make a Difference

The Forbes Farmhouse crowdfunding offering is open for soft commitments and pledges from those who share the vision of economic empowerment and community revitalization. As Harris aptly puts it, “For the cost of a pair of Jordans, you can become a part of a movement to transform the economic landscape of African American communities nationwide.” This initiative invites everyone to be a part of a powerful movement for change.

To make a pledge or learn more about the Forbes Farmhouse project, visit: Forbes Farmhouse Crowdfunding Offering. It’s an opportunity to invest in the future, reclaim lost land, and empower communities for generations to come.


Kevin Harris

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