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Three Young Siblings Revolutionize the Basketball Training Market with Historic Brand Deal

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In a groundbreaking move for youth sports, three African American siblings, Henry, Ashton, and Hunter Jolly, have become the youngest athletes to secure their own brand deal in the basketball arena. The trio, affectionately known as The Jolly Boys, have teamed up with former European professional basketball player and CEO Chad Briscoe to launch a revolutionary product: the Jolly Strap. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the sports equipment industry, particularly in the realm of basketball training.

Henry and Ashton, twins and basketball prodigies, are already making waves in the sports world. Ranked #1 and #2 respectively in their class of 2032, they have achieved the remarkable feat of having their jerseys displayed in the New Orleans Pelicans arena. Their talents have been showcased in the mini docu-series “No Days Off” on YouTube, drawing attention to their exceptional skills and dedication.

Hunter, the youngest of the trio, is not far behind. Ranked #1 in his class of 2035, he stands out as a budding basketball star at just seven years old, soon to be the youngest player with a brand product to his name.

Chad Briscoe, the brains behind Ball By Myself, has long advocated for greater inclusion and equity in sports. “I have been fighting for inclusion in the sports space for over a decade while creating my product,” Chad shares. His vision aligns perfectly with the Jolly Boys, as they break new ground in an industry where no NBA, WNBA, college, high school, or youth player previously owned or held equity in a basketball training product.

The basketball equipment market, valued at $875.22 million in 2022, is projected to reach $1.29 billion by 2031. The introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL)

deals in sports has opened new doors for young athletes. Chad Briscoe believes that youth players, with their considerable platforms and followings, should be at the forefront of this burgeoning market, advocating for ownership and innovation. “The basketball space has so much to offer,” Chad emphasizes, underscoring the untapped potential within the youth segment.

The Jolly Strap is a testament to this vision. It enables players to train effectively anywhere, at any time, fostering muscle memory through consistent practice. This tool is especially beneficial for those without access to personal trainers, training partners, or basketball courts. “There are no more excuses,” Chad states, highlighting the versatility and accessibility of the Jolly Strap.

Chad also praises the Jolly Boys for their exceptional talent, noting how they dominate games even when playing against older competitors. This kind of prowess and dedication is exactly what the Jolly Strap aims to foster in young athletes everywhere.

The importance of such a partnership extends beyond the basketball court. Sam Moses, General Manager of Open Gym Premier Oakland, hails this initiative as a “game-changer” for youth inclusion in sports. “To finally be included and recognized at this level is truly amazing,” he remarks, lauding Ball By Myself’s historic move.

The implications of this partnership are far-reaching. Ball By Myself is already exploring new product developments for soccer and volleyball, tapping into markets worth billions annually. “With our patent, we are looking to create innovative products for these sports,” Chad reveals, indicating a strategic expansion beyond basketball.

The synergy between the Jolly Boys and Ball By Myself is not just about a product; it’s about setting a new precedent in sports. It’s a story of young talent, entrepreneurial spirit, and breaking barriers in an industry ripe for change. The Jolly Strap, along with other Ball By Myself products, are available on Amazon and via their website,, symbolizing the growing influence of young athletes in the sports equipment market.

As the Jolly Boys continue to shine on the basketball court, their partnership with Chad Briscoe stands as a beacon of inspiration and a signal of the evolving landscape in sports marketing and youth empowerment. This historic deal is not just about a product; it’s a celebration of young talent, innovation, and the promise of an inclusive and equitable future in sports.



Report by Christina Anderson




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