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Pre-Grammy Music Event Spotlight: Celebrating Black Media Excellence

Black Media Excellence

In a remarkable gathering that set the tone for this year’s Grammy festivities, the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC) hosted an illustrious event on Thursday, February 1, 2024, shining a spotlight on the pivotal role of Black media in shaping culture and history. The afternoon soirée, held at Live Nation’s prestigious Beverly Hills venue, was not just a celebration but a powerful call to action to support Black-owned media outlets and creators.

As guests mingled over cocktails, the air buzzed with anticipation for the featured panel discussion, which promised insightful dialogue from some of the most influential voices in Black media today. The panelists, including Rhonesha Byng of Her Agenda and BOMESI, James DuBose of In The Black Network, Tasha Hilton from BET, and Grouchy Greg Watkins of, brought a wealth of experience and perspectives to the table, fostering a dynamic exchange on the importance of nurturing and recognizing Black media.

Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC)


Moderated by BMAC Co-Founder and CEO, Prophet, the conversation delved into the challenges and triumphs faced by Black media professionals, highlighting the collective effort needed to ensure equitable representation and opportunities within the industry. This dialogue underscored BMAC’s mission to empower Black artists, songwriters, producers, and other creatives, advocating for systemic change and racial justice within the music industry and beyond.

The Black Music Action Coalition, since its inception in alignment with #TheShowMustBePaused movement, has been at the forefront of advocating for the rights and interests of Black professionals in the music sector. With a network of over 200 members, BMAC leverages its influence to foster a more inclusive and equitable industry landscape, addressing issues of racism and inequality head-on.

The event also served as a reminder of the critical role media plays in shaping narratives and fostering a more inclusive society. By championing Black-owned media, BMAC and its partners, including Live Nation and the Black Owned Media Equity and Sustainability Institute, aim to amplify voices that have historically been marginalized, celebrating the rich diversity and profound impact of Black storytelling on global culture.

As the sun set on this impactful gathering, the consensus was clear: the path to a more equitable industry requires continuous support and recognition of Black media. The post-panel happy hour buzzed with conversations, as attendees reflected on the insights shared and the collective responsibility to drive change.

For those looking to join the movement or learn more about BMAC’s initiatives, the organization’s website offers a wealth of resources and information on how to get involved. Whether as artists, executives, or allies, there is a place for everyone within the BMAC community to contribute to the ongoing fight for justice and equality in the music industry and society at large.

As the Grammy week progresses, the BMAC event will undoubtedly resonate as a highlight, setting a powerful precedent for the role of advocacy and unity in shaping the future of music and media. In celebrating Black media, we not only honor the storytellers of today but pave the way for future generations to thrive in a more just and equitable industry landscape.


Report by Lela Christine

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